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Qualitative Research and Computers

During this course we examine hands-on how computers may help with qualitative computers. It is based on series of modules, focused on different approaches of conducting qualitative analysis.

As this is hands-on course, you are required to work with the software. We have created a set of assignments to get familiar with the usual workflow and process of working with qualitative research software.

This page contains a brief tutorial on different tools, our Moodle contains set of exercises you should do with these materials.


  • Open coding is a data-driven analysis practice, allowing the data to speak on its own. For example, grounded theory and thematic analysis often apply open coding approach. Common software to conduct this kind of work is Atlas.TI and NVivo.
  • Closed coding is theory-driven analysis practice, pre-existing theory is used to analyse data. For example, content analysis often applies closed coding approach.
  • Audiovisual material module focuses on opportunities to use software tools for images, video and audio data.
  • Data science module focuses on opportunities to use software tools to automate qualitative data analysis process.